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What is Counselling?

Counselling offers you an opportunity to explore the issue/s that have been causing difficulties in your life, like relationship breakdown, loss, work issues or an impending decision to be made. Counselling offers you a space where you will be professionally supported and invited to explore what your concerns are, whilst finding stratergies and coping mechanisms to move foward.

What is Gestalt therapy?

Gestalt therapy provides a space to work therapeutically with interpersonal boundaries and goes straight to the real issues underlying a problem, whilst supporting you to work from a basis of fact and self knowledge and for you to utilise your own energy toward finding a solution.
Gestalt, more or less is about the unfinished business we carry around with us, sometimes we are conscious of this, more often than not, we are unaware of how the past interupts our life in the"now". For instance, we might stop ourselves from doing what we truly want too do because, of the need to please the other, we might come from a place of over compensating when interacting with family member's, friends and colleagues because of our own experinences of having to go with out and not feeling complete.

We cannot exist alone, by exploring our own personal fantasies of what we feel is expected from us and how we strive to live up to those expectations and try to get the other to live up to our own, often results in misunderstandings, skewed communication systems, frustrations and disappointments. This would be the unfinished business that we are playing out in the "now", causing us unconsciously too interupt ourselves and keep us one step away from feeling well and satisfied.

What Benefits can be expected?

The benefits that you can expect are, a higher level of self awareness and the ability too utilise your own energy and to move forward in life from what has been the cause of concern for you.


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